The Catacombs are crawling with Jolly Roger's skeletons, from Undead Brigands to Undead Raiders. The Royal Navy, along with the East India Trading Company, have realized that this is the main area of Skeleton Summoning Ceremonies in Padres Del Fuego. The Navy and EITC sent their Veterans, Black Coats, Officers, and Sergeants. The Navy and EITC Black Guard are fighting valiantly, but re slowly losing the battle. Jolly Roger knows of this new threat to his ever-expanding empire, so has sent more skeletons to the area. Jolly Roger does not bother to raise the dead Navy and EITC soldiers into his ranks, for he believes they are weak and soft.

Hologram Jolly Roger

The holographic Jolly Roger.


A Navy Sergeant valiantly against an Undead Brigand


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