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"Steward sent me. Wants permission to bring up another barrel of salt pork from the hold."
"Yes, all right. Get some more bottles of rum while you're at it. It seems like the rum is always gone before it gets to my cabin.
―Catastrophe Shane and Jack Sparrow[src]

Barnabas, also known as Catastrophe Shane, was an accident prone pirate that joined Jack Sparrow on his quest for the Shadow Gold.


Shane first met Jack on Tortuga and against Barbossa's complaints, Jack offered Shane a position on his crew. The hapless pirate quickly agreed. Shane quickly showed he was a, in a word, a catastrophe. He would frequently trip over his boots, crash into pirates when his hat fell over his face, and accidentally fire his pistols into rum barrels. He was an annoyance among his fellow crewmates. Although he had his faults, Catastrophe Shane saved the lives of his friends while they battled in King Samuel's throne room. After the Day of the Shadow the crew found out that he was a relative of Captain Hawk and his real name was Barnabas. The Shadow Lord had been using him to spy on Jack and his crew. That is why he was always so clumsy around the ship.

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