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"Chamba? I'm sorry I couldn’t help you, lad, I really am. But there's nothing to be gained by haunting me. Go visit Blount, perhaps you can frighten him into an apoplexy—which the bastard bloody well deserves."
"Cap'n Sparrow? Please, help! I ain't no ghost, I'm me. I be hanging here, outside the window.
Jack Sparrow and Chamba[src]

Chamba was a young sailor of African origin.


Chamba's village was destroyed by slave traders and he was brought to Calabar, the main British port on Slave Coast. He became a slave to Benjamin Blount, the EITC portmaster. After he escaped, he went to Captain Jack Sparrow, hoping to be free of the cruelties of slave life. Jack took pity on the lad and agreed to hide him in his cabin on the Wicked Wench.

After a few days at sea, Jack introduced Chamba as the new cabin boy. Chamba remained by Jack's side and sailed upon the Wicked Wench as they went on a quest for the treasure of Zerzura. Chamba proved himself to be a good translator to Amenirdis and Tarek, as he could speak both pidgin and English. After the quest, Chamba decided to stay with the people of Kerma where he would always be free. When Jack Sparrow's crew returns to Kerma with a shipment of slaves, Chamba, along with Amenirdis and Tarek, greet his crew as they help bring the slaves to live in peace on Kerma as well. After Jack's crew leaves Kerma once again, Chamba's further fate is unknown.


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