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"I am Chantico, goddess of the volcano and protector of this island."

Chantico was the Aztec goddess of fire. She was also the patron of Isla Esquelética. She manifested herself in the form of a fire that never goes out, a flaming human form, and a volcano. The Aztecs fed Chantico by trapping prisoners in her volcano until they die.


"This is Chantico."
"I love Chantico.
Native warrior and Jack Sparrow[src]

When Jack Sparrow and Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III visited Isla Esquelética in the 1720s, they were captured and sacrificed to Chantico. With the help of the Timekeeper, they were able to escape.

She then actually appeared to Jack and Fitzwilliam, and tasked them to fix the warping of time that has occurred on the island, giving them 12 hours to complete the task or be destroyed. With the help of Tia Dalma, they undid the damage the Timekeeper caused by giving the Timekeeper to Stone-Eyed Sam and then separating it from him upon the last few seconds of the time limit, causing him to revert to a corpse and restore the timeline. Chantico appeared again to congratulate them and spoke with Tia Dalma of how she may eventually be freed.