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"Do you not fear death?"
"I'll take my chances, sir."
"...To the depths.
Davy Jones and the chaplain[src]

This man was one of the few survivors present on the scuttled ship where William Turner was sent by Jack Sparrow to settle his debt with Davy Jones.


At some point in his life, this man became a merchant sailor on an unknown ship, serving as a chaplain under an unknown captain. He was in service aboard this vessel when the Kraken suddenly attacked it, killing over three quarters of the crew and splitting the entire ship in half. This man barely managed to survive this attack, but still had visible injuries such as a bloody forehead. Left paralysed from the terrifying experience, he hid, shivering.

The survivors were later confronted by the crew of the Flying Dutchman. When offered service by Davy Jones, the chaplain encouraged the other crewmen to refuse. Angered by this and the chaplain's possession of a cross, Jones grabbed his throat and asked if he feared death. The chaplain promptly implied that he would not serve Jones. In response, Jones had him executed by Greenbeard, and his body was thrown overboard.


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