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"I took a very nice schooner that was carrying fabric bound for Charleston, and then a flute loaded with tea and spices."
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Charleston, also known as Charles Town, was a port city on the east coast of the North American continent. It was the most important city in the British colony of South Carolina.

History Edit

After King Charles II was restored to the English throne following Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate, he granted the chartered Carolina territory to eight of his loyal friends, known as the Lords Proprietors, in 1663. Seven years later, a settlement called Charles Town was built.

The community was established by English settlers from Bermuda on the west bank of the Ashley River. In a year, the colonists from the prosperous but overcrowded British colony of Barbados, also settled in Charles Town. The first Charles Town was unhealthy and vulnerable to attack from natives and the Spanish, so the colonists moved to the peninsula where they set up a new walled town.

Soon, the new Charles Town became a prosperous trading center. In 1718, the town was besieged by the infamous pirate Blackbeard, who anchored his fleet at the mouth of the Charleston harbor.[1] For a week, all ships coming in or out of the port were captured and looted. The pirates departed only after the citizens gave Blackbeard a chest of medicines. On December 10, 1718, the pirate captain Stede Bonnet was hanged in Charleston.

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