Sea Fight Isla Cruces 14

The Flying Dutchman's chase guns.

"I looked through the spyglass too, and I clearly saw a brass bow chaser on Koldunya’s bow."
Esmeralda to Edward Teague[src]

A chase gun was a cannon mounted in the bow or stern of a sailing ship. They were used to attempt to slow down a ship either pursuing or being pursued, typically by damaging the rigging and thereby causing the target to lose performance.


"Let them taste the triple guns."
"Aye, captain.
Davy Jones and Olgivey[src]

Some ships, like the Nemesis, were equipped with a pair of regular chase guns.[1] The Koldunya of Boris Palachnik had a brass bow chaser.[2] The Silent Mary of Capitán Armando Salazar had four stern chasers below the captain's cabin.[3] The Queen Anne's Revenge was armed with a pair of regular chase guns during the War of Jolly Roger,[4] but they were removed when Blackbeard installed a pair of Greek fire launchers on his ship.[5]

The Flying Dutchman was armed with a pair of triple-barreled chase guns, also known as "triple guns" or "bow cannons", secreted in demon-faced gunports in the ship's bow.[6] These rapid-firing chase guns caused extensive damage to the Black Pearl's aft quarters shortly after Jack Sparrow's crew left Isla Cruces, as well as damaged the Pearl later in the battle around the maelstrom.[7] The HMS Providence had two stern chasers below the captain's cabin,[8] but no cannons on the bow, leaving her at a disadvantage during a pursuit. Both the Monarch and the Essex had two bow chasers.[3]

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