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Philip Swift was a well known clergyman during the quest for the Fountain of Youth.

"Every soul can be saved."
"Be that true, young cleric?"
"Yes. Though you I see as a bit of longshot. Still, I pray for every soul on this hellbound vessel.
Angelica, Blackbeard and Philip Swift[src]

A clergyman, clergywoman, or cleric was a member of the clergy, especially one who was a priest, missionary or other religious professional. Clergy had different functions in different religious traditions. They may lead certain rituals, for example, or help in spreading religious doctrines and practices.


"Impersonating a cleric of the church of England."
"Ah, yeah.
Port Royal clerk and Jack Sparrow[src]

Jonathan Beckett Sr. wanted his son Cutler to become a clergyman, but he joined the East India Trading Company instead.[1] The notorious pirate Jack Sparrow once impersonated a cleric of the Church of England in one of his numerous crimes.[2] A young missionary named Philip Swift was referred to as a cleric by Blackbeard, and clergyman by Jack Sparrow himself.[3]

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