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Disney's Climb Aboard if you Dare!: Stories from the Pirates of the Caribbean is a book released in 1996 by Disney Press, inspired by the theme park attraction.

Publisher's summary[]

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Middle-grade readers will set sail with this riveting collection of the extraordinary adventures surrounding a pirate's treasure! Based on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean theme park attraction, these five spooky, original stories track the amazing course events that surround the ownership of a box of glittering jewels.

Back cover[]


Here follows the true tale of Buzzard's Bounty, a treasure so vast that one glance at its riches turned good men into scoundrels . . . and scoundrels into pirates.
It all began with Sharkheart Sam, the most cunning rogue on the Caribbean (and some say the nastiest, too). In his lightning-quick sloop, the Buzzard, Sharkheart amassed a huge fortune, plundering all who crossed his path. For many years he terrorized the high seas, until he met his end at the hands of a lad not much older than you.
Since then, other brave souls have shared in the riches of Buzzard's Bounty, but some say a portion of the treasure still remains to be discovered. Should you dare to search for the treasure in the pages of this book, keep a lookout for unsavory types with a gleam in their eye and a parrot on their shoulder. Rumor has it the treasure is guarded day and night by the ghost of Sharkheart Sam himself . . .


  • Introduction – 5
  • Account Book of the Buzzard – 7
  • The Sinking of Sharkheart Sam – 8
  • A Pirate's Life for Me – 28
  • Smilin' Jack's Last Smile – 46
  • The Secret Treasure Map – 65


The Sinking of Sharkheart Sam[]

A young thief named Pablo joins the crew of the treasure galleon Santa Catalina. During the journey the ship is attacked by Sharkheart Sam's pirate gang. In the confusion of battle, Pablo boards the pirate vessel and ingnites the gunpowder, destroying her, but not before taking an iron box full of jewels from the captain's cabin. When the ship arrives to Zaragona the viceroy adopts Pablo and makes him his heir.

A Pirate's Life for Me[]

A sailor named Mr. Bleek stays at an inn in Zaragona. The owner's young daughter, Carmelita, suspects Bleek is a pirate. Carmelita sneaks into Bleek's room and finds a map of all the reef around the port which would allow the pirate ship the Sea Demon to come close enough to bombard the town. The girl steals the map and Bleek's clothes, changes the positions of the reefs on the map, and gives the map to the pirates, disguised as Bleek. The next day the Sea Demon runs aground and all the pirate are captured. Pablo, now a grown man and the new viceroy, gives Carmelita a box of jewels as a reward.

Smilin' Jack's Last Smile[]

After the sinking of his ship, the artist Josiah Smith is picked up at sea by the pirate crew of Smilin' Jack. Although the pirates want to kill him Smith manages to convince Jack to keep him alive so he could paint him a portrait. Two weeks later the pirates attack Zaragona. When they invade the town, Smith instructs most of the crew to go in wrong direction and they all end up captured. During the battle Smith personally saves the mayor, who is also the grandson of the Viceroy Pablo and his wife Carmelita. Smith eventually sails away for the New World, with a box of jewels as a reward.

The secret treasure map[]

After a hurricane destroys many homes in Louisiana Alicia Smith and her childhood friend Mike Bateman have to move to a different state. In Alicia's grandfather's home they find a portrait of a pirate Smilin' Jack. When they accidentally wash away a portion of the paint they discover a treasure map beneath. Following the map Alicia and Mike go to a nearby cave and discover Josiah Smith's box of jewels.





  • Pablo
  • Sharkheart Sam
  • Turi
  • Devil (Mentioned only)
  • His Majesty (Mentioned only)
  • Captain of the Santa Catalina
  • Viceroy of Zaragona
  • Rodriguez
  • Carmelita
  • Carmelita's mother
  • Carmelita's father
  • Mr. Bleek
  • Eagle Eye
  • Josiah Smith
  • Zeke
  • Smilin' Jack
  • King of England
  • Snake
  • Mayor of Marito
  • Alicia Smith
  • Mike Bateman
  • Alicia's grandfather

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  • Buzzard
  • Santa Catalina
  • Sea Demon
  • Smilin' Jack's ship


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