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Cloak of Caladonis

The Cloak of Caladonis on a tree's branch.

"Anyone who wears the cloak is supposed to be invulnerable to physical attack!"
Jack Sparrow[src]

The Cloak of Caladonis was a cloak that was supposedly invulnerable to any kind of attack. The artifact was found on a remote island and guarded by a many-headed serpent. It is unknown who "Caladonis" was, though likely the creator of the Cloak.

Sometime in his life, Jack Sparrow and the crew of the Black Pearl went after the Cloak. Initially, they held back in fear of the Serpent. However, after motivation by Captain Sparrow, they fought the monster for the Cloak. Jack eventually was able to cut the trunk of the tree the Cloak was on, making it land on the Serpent. The Serpent, however, took the Cloak back from Jack, and the crew proceeded back to their ship.


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