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"So what now, Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals locked in an epic battle until judgment day and trumpets sound? Hmm?"
"Or you could surrender.
Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow[src]

Also referred to as eternal life, was the ability to live forever, or put another way, it is an immunity from death. Many legends and pirate lore surrounded the concept of immortality.


"When I came up to breathe, ready to dive again, even though I knew 'twas hopeless, two of me crew, witless one-eyed Ragetti and his grinnin’ imp of a friend Pintel, grabbed me jacket and pulled me into their boat."
Hector Barbossa[src]

A mythological being similar to a fairy or demon, frequently described in folklore and superstition.


"Tell me something. There is another Jack Sparrow out there sullying my good name?"
"An impostor!"
"Indeed. But, an impostor with a ship.
Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs[src]

A person who pretends to be somebody else, often to try to gain financial or social advantages through social engineering, but just as often for purposes of espionage or law enforcement.


"Be there some manner of rite or incantation?"
Joshamee Gibbs and Hector Barbossa[src]

A charm or spell created using words. The sea goddess Calypso was released from human form by an incantation.


"Food... Ah, if only we can find some good shrimp etouffee—"
"First, we find an inn. This deck is hard. Beds are soft.
Jean Magliore and Tumen[src]

Inns are buildings where travellers can seek lodging and, usually, food and drink. They are typically located in the country or along a highway.


"Me ship was a tidy little schooner name of Cobra. We were sailin’ in waters north of Bermuda, on our way back from an encounter we'd had with a Frenchy barque. Took a nice haul, we did. Ivory. We were ridin' low in the water, so laden we be."
Hector Barbossa to assembled pirates at Shipwreck Cove[src]

Ivory is a term for dentine, which constitutes the bulk of the teeth and tusks of animals, when used as a material for art or manufacturing. Ivory has been important since ancient times for making a range of items, from ivory carvings to false teeth, fans, piano keys and billiard balls. Elephant ivory has been the most important source, but ivory from many species including the hippopotamus, walrus, mammoth and narwhal has been used. The word ultimately derives from the Ancient Egyptian âb, âbu "elephant", through the Latin ebor- or ebur.

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