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New WorldEdit

"The world is shrinking. The blank edges of the map filled in. Jack must find his place in the New World or perish."
Cutler Beckett to Will Turner[src]

The parts of the world (North America and South America), known to Europeans, Asians and Africans after the voyages of Christopher Columbus in distinction to the Old World which was known to the Europeans prior to Columbus' expeditions. Since their arrival in the new World, the East India Trading Company had been charting the territory and researching the most effective trade routes. Lord Cutler Beckett made it his duty to fill in the blank areas on the world map. Thomas Faye had obtained, by way of an expert Company cartographer, small reproductions of the large-scale world map created in Beckett's office. In the map's early stages, the New World was hardly recorded - like a great and wonderful beast emerging from a thick fog, ready and waiting to be tamed.


"Jack's one of the nine Pirate Lords. You have no right."
"As you command, your nibs.
Hector Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann, and Jack Sparrow[src]

Nibs refer to an important or self-important person; a mock title used to refer to an authoritative, bossy or demanding person. Jack Sparrow once called Elizabeth Swann "your nibs".

Noah's ArkEdit

"Such beauty. Surely you are one of God's own creations and not a descendant of those dark creatures who found no refuge on the Ark."
Philip Swift to Syrena[src]

Noah's Ark is the vessel which, according to the Bible, was built by Noah at God's command to save himself, his family, and the world's animals from the worldwide deluge of the Great Flood. One creature that wasn't on the Ark but did survive the Flood were the mermaids.

No quarterEdit

"Kill them!"
"No quarter!
Hector Barbossa and Blackbeard[src]

To give no quarter means to show no mercy; an instruction that an enemy crew is to be shown no mercy and that there are to be no survivors. All enemy troops are to be killed, even those who surrender. Also referred to as "take no prisoners," or "no mercy," or "kill them all".

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