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"How did Jack get off the island?"
"Well, I'll tell ye. He waded out into the shallows and he waited there three days and three nights till all manner of sea creatures came acclimated to his presence. And on the fourth morning, he roped himself a couple of sea turtles, lashed them together and made a raft.
Will Turner and Joshamee Gibbs[src]

A collection of logs or timber fastened together for conveyance by water.


"Pretty baubles—and a king's ransom in gold. Aye, blood money and cursed it be."

A sum of money demanded or paid for the release of a captive.


"Fool. You think this is all about you. You think the power of the Sword was meant for the likes of you, who are little more than a bilge rat."
"I take offense to that. Were I a rat, I would certainly not reside in a bilge!
Hernán Cortés and Jack Sparrow[src]

Various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents.


Also ratlin; the small ropes or lines that horizontally traverse the shrouds of a ship, and serve as steps for going aloft. [1]

See also: Ratlin.


"We must have hit a reef!"

A ridge of material at or near the surface of the sea.


"Jack Sparrow's reprieve is ended."
Davy Jones[src] (deleted scene)

A reprieve is the temporary postponement of a punishment, often with a view to a pardon or other review of the sentence (such as when the reprieving authority has no power to grant an immediate pardon). This is usually so that the accused can mount an appeal (especially if he or she has been sentenced to death).

Res ipsa loquitur[]

"Res ipsa loquitur, tabula in naufragio, we are left but with one option. I agree with, and I cannot believe the words that are coming out of me mouth...Captain Swann. We must fight."
Jack Sparrow[src]

In the common law of torts, res ipsa loquitur (Latin for "the thing speaks for itself") is a doctrine that infers negligence from the very nature of an accident or injury in the absence of direct evidence on how any defendant behaved.


"You say you saw Captain Sparrow fight a sword duel with a what?"
"A ghost sir. A revenant, that’s what they calls ’em. Came out of that haunted fogbank. Must have, sir. That fogbank, it was haunted right enough.
Cutler Beckett and Lucius Featherstone[src]

A revenant is a visible ghost or animated corpse that was believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living. The word "revenant" is derived from the Latin word, revenans, "returning" (see also the related French verb "revenir", meaning "to come back").


"Here's to revenge. Sweet and clear."
"Come come, Hector. If you wanted the Chalices, you'd seen they were missing and gone. You were lying in wait for Blackbeard.
Jack Sparrow to Hector Barbossa[src]

Any form of personal retaliatory action against an individual, institution, or group for some perceived harm or injustice.


"Don't they get it? It's a riddle. Riddles are fun! 'Over the edge, back, over again—'"
"Riddles are not fun! The way it always goes is some poor bloke ends up dead, but just beforehand he realizes no, I wasn't supposed to listen to the sirens, I wasn't supposed to take the pot o' gold, but by then it's too late, and he dies in a horrible and ofttimes ironical manner, and in this case, you and I be the poor blokes!
Ragetti and Pintel[src]

A riddle is a statement, question, or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved. Riddles are of two types: enigmas, which are problems generally expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that require ingenuity and careful thinking for their solution, and conundra, which are questions relying for their effects on punning in either the question or the answer.


To fit a ship or mast with shrouds, stays, sails etc.; slang: put in proper order for working or use. [2]


Scarlett shows her engagement ring to Giselle.

"Can't you ever just state something clear and concise like?"
"Just be warned him came here looking for you. Him wants him ring back.
Jack Sparrow and Tia Dalma[src]

A circular band, usually in metal, worn as ornamental jewelry around the finger.


"You are of course aware of the ritual."
"Yes I am."
"Oh! What is it? What is required?
Jack Sparrow and Angelica about the Profane Ritual[src]

Rite; a repeated set of actions; a ceremony. There were many rituals in Pirate Lore. A blood ritual was used for the cursed treasure of Cortés and the Profane Ritual was used for the Fountain of Youth.

Roman Empire[]

"But tis becoming the fashion among some of the gentry, they say. At least once a month, they takes off all their clothes, and they SITS in those bathtubs‘ and they washes themselves. All over. Mr. Beckett says the Romans did it all the time."
"No wonder their Empire fell.
Mistress Goodwright and Jack Sparrow[src]

The post-Republican period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterised by an autocratic form of government and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean in Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Thick strings, yarn, or strands of other cordage that are twisted together to form a stronger line. It was also a colloquial for execution by hanging.


"Gentlemen...I be placed in a bewilderment. There I were, resting. And upon a sudden, I hear an ungodly row on deck."

A noisy argument; a continual loud noise.

Royal Pardon[]

"Letters of Marque. You will offer what amounts to a full pardon. Jack will be free, a privateer in the employ of England."
Cutler Beckett to Will Turner[src]

The action of an executive official of the government that mitigates or sets aside the punishment for a crime. Cutler Beckett attempted to give Jack Sparrow a full pardon with the Letters of Marque. Hector Barbossa also accepted a pardon from King George II after the War Against Piracy.

Rules of engagement[]

"You didn't beat me. You ignored the rules of engagement. In a fair fight, I'd killed you."
"And that's no incentive for me to fight fair, is it?
Will Turner and Jack Sparrow[src]

Rules of Engagement are rules or directives to military forces (including individuals) that define the circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which force, or actions which might be construed as provocative, may be applied. They provide authorization for and/or limits on, among other things, the use of force and the employment of certain specific capabilities. Rules of Engagement do not normally dictate how a result is to be achieved but will indicate what measures may be unacceptable.


Joshamee Gibbs drinking rum.

"Why is the rum always gone?"
Jack Sparrow[src]

Rum was an alcoholic drink that was kept on ships because it kept well. [3] It was also avalable at taverns. Captain Jack Sparrow was noted for his love of rum.[1]

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