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"A smile and a wink be a thing to dread... Could very well mean a hole in yer head."

Mister Coote was a pirate who operated in the Caribbean during the early 18th century.


Nothing is known about Coote's early life. One day, he joined the pirate crew of the of the Wicked Wench. He participated in the Pirate Captain's raid on the Spanish island of Isla Tesoro. The pirate crew was able to successfully invade the town of Puerto Dorado. While his fellow crewmates burned up the city, Coote only lied down on his stomach on a cannon, while holding a flintlock pistol in a room with dangling barrels of gunpowder.[2]


The concept art of Mr. Coote.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name "Mister Coote" was christened by X Atencio upon seeing the buccaneer in a sketch made by Marc Davis.[1]
  • In Walt Disney World, Mister Coote was also featured in a Treasure Room sequence that existed in place of the Disneyland California Arsenal scene, where the pirates found the town's treasure room, and he drunkenly fired his pistol as the Pirate Captain sat on him. The pirates were all scrapped and replaced in that scene by Jack Sparrow in 2006.
  • A scene from On Stranger Tides featured Jack Sparrow sitting on a cannon in a similar manner as Mister Coote. Jack's pose of sitting on a cannon could be considered a reference to the Disney ride; the film crew were aware of the ride for those poses, and noted that there would be a similarity, which is why the cannon setting was called out in the screenplay.


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