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Beckett office
Cutler Beckett's office
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Port Royal

Notable inhabitants

Cutler Beckett
Ian Mercer
Weatherby Swann


East India Trading Company

Behind the scenes
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Dead Man's Chest

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At World's End (video game)

Cutler Beckett's office,[1] also known as Beckett's Headquarters[2] and the East India Trading Company building,[3] was a building in Port Royal, overlooking the harbor, used by Lord Cutler Beckett as his executive quarters when he assumed control of Port Royal.


When Lord Cutler Beckett arrived to Port Royal, he set this office up as his private quarters during his search for the Dead Man's Chest. The office was dominated by a large world map on one wall. Beckett employed a cartographer to add details to the map when news returned of new discoveries, countries, towns and ports.[1] The office also contained a balcony overlooking the harbor, and a desk on which Beckett kept his business utilities, including the Letters of marque, which he intended them for use in a bargain with Captain Jack Sparrow.

Mercer whole

James Norrington trading in the heart of Davy Jones to Cutler Beckett.

William Turner was brought to Beckett's office shortly after Lord Beckett set himself up in Port Royal. Beckett offered Turner a deal for his freedom, along with Elizabeth Swann's, in order to procure Jack Sparrow's compass. Beckett later had negotiations with Elizabeth Swann later in the office, in which he reveals his true nature of wanting the Dead Man's Chest. Elizabeth was given the Letters of Marque at the end of their negotiations. Governor Weatherby Swann was brought into Beckett's office to be told of the whereabouts of his daughter, Elizabeth. It was in this discussion that Beckett threatened her life, unless if Weatherby Swann gave his loyalty to Beckett and the East India Trading Company.


Ian Mercer, Beckett, and James Norrington in the office when the Flying Dutchman arrives.

Later, Ian Mercer arrived to the office to bring Beckett news of a man adrift at sea who had the letters of marque—James Norrington. Beckett assumed that Norrington had something to trade, and it was here that Norrington presented Beckett with the heart of Davy Jones. From the balcony, Beckett, the newly promoted Admiral James Norrington, and Ian Mercer witnessed the arrival of the Flying Dutchman. After the Dutchman's arrival, the cartographer told Beckett that the map was finished, in which Beckett gazed upon it with admiration.[4] It's unknown what became of the office following Beckett's death aboard the HMS Endeavour.[5]



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