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"You will die, and none will remember your feeble existence!"
"There's life in me yet, villain! En Garde!
―Dark Teacher and Nathaniel Hawk[src]

The Dark Teacher was the head of a gang of animists in the south Caribbean archipelago in the 1630s whom Father Bernard claimed to serve the devil.


The Dark Teacher (whose name is not known) led a cult of animists that operated in Italy in the 17th century. When the cult's headquarters was destroyed, the Teacher traveled to the Caribbean to continue his operations in secret.

The Teacher's men abducted several children from Douwesen aboard the frigate Mefisto, their flagship, while recruiting more members to the organization. The hostages were held in a cave in Isla Muelle, to be used for an ancient ritual of unknown purpose. Here, the Teacher held a personal chamber which served as his study.

When captain Nathaniel Hawk raided the animists' lair in search of the kidnapped children, the Teacher himself dueled him in this room. After a brief but intense fight, Nathaniel slew the Teacher and his followers.

Personality and traits[]

The Dark Teacher possessed great cunning, able to evade authorities despite being hostile to virtually all powers in the Caribbean - even to pirates. He also had great charisma and organizational skills, recruiting new disciples through lower-ranked teachers (such as the mystery teacher imprisoned in Greenford) instead of doing the task himself. He used the time instead to undergo intense studies in his lair.

The Teacher was an excellent swordsman, impressing even Nathaniel Hawk during their fight. He possessed the Squall - one of the deadliest swords known in the South Caribbean archipelago.