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For other uses, see Davy Jones' Locker (disambiguation)
"And last we saw of ol' Bill Turner, he was sinking to the crushing, black oblivion of Davy Jones' Locker."

Davy Jones' Locker can refer to two things. There is the pirate slang term or idiom for the bottom of the sea: the state of death among drowned sailors. It was used as a euphemism for death at sea (to be sent to Davy Jones' Locker).[1] It can also refer to the realm also known as the Land of the Dead ruled by Davy Jones, into which many individuals, Jack Sparrow among them, were sent.[2] Sometimes the term may go back and forth between meanings.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The dimension known as Davy Jones' Locker didn't appear until At World's End. Until then, the term was most prominently used to refer to the bottom of the sea.



Notes and references[]