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"Though encrusted and decaying, Jones's sword could still cut swiftly and cleanly."
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Davy Jones owned a broadsword which appeared to be some kind of mixture between the two types of Claymore swords. It had the short blade of a basket-hilted Claymore and the guard of a Highland Claymore with straight, down-sloping arms.



The sword was probably made in Scotland by an unknown Scottish blacksmith a few decades before Davy Jones fell in love with Calypso. Through unknown circumstances, Jones had the sword in his possession.

Jones' possessionEdit

Jones sword

The sword attached to Davy Jones' belt

He attached the sword to his belt where it was attached on his right side, but he was never seen using it. Throughout the conflict between Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow, with Sparrow's debt being due, Jones was seen with the sword on his belt. The sword was mainly seen during the Kraken's attack on the Edinburgh Trader.

After Bootstrap Bill Turner killed James Norrington, Jones took the latter's sword, which was used to stab Jones with, as his new weapon. The fate of the old sword is unknown.

Behind the scenes Edit



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