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Mutiny on the Black Pearl

Day of the Shadow

Quest for the Shadow Gold


Late 1710s[1]


Victory of the Brethren Court. Defeat of the Shadow Lord.


Sparrow flag.png

Jack Sparrow's crew


Villanueva's crew

Bonnet flag.png

Chevalle's pirates

Ammand flag.png

Barbary Corsairs

Bartholomew flag.png

Jocard's crew

Morgan flag.PNG

Shadow Army

EITCo flag.PNG

East India Trading Company

Modern Flag of Spain.png

Spanish Royal Navy

Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Eduardo Villanueva
Capitaine Chevalle
Captain Ammand
Gentleman Jocard

Captain Henry Morgan

Lord Benedict Huntington


Hundreds of pirates

Dozens of magically animated objects

Dozens of EITC soldiers
Dozens of Spanish sailors and soldiers

"The Day of the Shadow is coming. When the shadow spreads, our armies will rise...and the world shall fall."
―A shadow[src]

The Day of the Shadow was an event when the Shadow Lord would rise and all the world would be crushed beneath his boots. Near the end of the quest for the Shadow Gold, a mystical magical elixir, a battle was fought for the last vials of Shadow Gold between the pirate crews of Jack Sparrow, Eduardo Villanueva, Chevalle, Ammand, and Jocard; and the supernatural Shadow Army led by the the Shadow Lord, who was revealed to be none other than Henry Morgan, the creator of the Code of the Pirate Brethren. The forces of the East India Trading Company and the Spanish Royal Navy also participated in the battle, fighting alongside Morgan's forces to destroy pirates once and for all. By the end battle, the EITC and the Spanish Royal Navy found that Morgan also wanted to destroy them as well.


"The Day of the Shadow is when the Shadow Lord will rise, and all the world will be crushed beneath his boots."

Around the quest for the Shadow Gold, the Shadow Lord was practicing before he could be ready for his "day of vengeance", a day he waited for so long and that would happen in about two months to unleash upon the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court.[2]


Notes and references[]

  1. The timeline established in On Stranger Tides (which takes place in 1750) and Dead Men Tell No Tales (which takes place in 1751) sets the Day of the Shadow somewhere around 1717. However, the exact placement still has to be officially confirmed by The Walt Disney Company.
  2. Legends of the Brethren Court: The Caribbean