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"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"It is a legendary black opal, as big as a man's fist and shimmering with hidden fire. Legend says that any man who possesses it will earn great fortune, power, and fame."
"Come again? Did you say 'fortune'?"
"However, there is one small problem. The opal's power will not go to anyone who steals it. Only those who receive the opal as a gift will benefit from its glorious effects; the man who is foolhardy enough to steal the opal will be cursed forever.
Sao Feng and Jack Sparrow[src]

The Deep Sea Opal was an enormous black precious stone.


The Deep Sea Opal a mystical object that gave its holder an amazing amount of fortune, power and fame. Yet anyone who steals the opal would be placed under a terrible curse. The opal's powers could only be used if the opal was given as a gift. The opal's location was deep under the sea off the coast of New Holland. The Rainbow Serpent guarded the jewel and would eat anyone who tried to steal it. Sao Feng was sent on a mission by his brother, Liang Dao, to retrieve the opal. Sao Feng did voyage to the opal but after meeting Jack Sparrow, enlisted him to recover the opal. Jack was able to barter his way onto getting his hands on the opal without stealing it.

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