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1750, during the battle at Whitecap Bay

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Queen Anne's Revenge


Mutiny on the Queen Anne's Revenge
Battle at Whitecap Bay


Crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge

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On Stranger Tides

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On Stranger Tides


Drowned and eaten by mermaids


Richard Thomson


"I heard it said that a kiss from a mermaid protects a sailor from drowning."

Derrick was a sailor who operated during the mid-18th century. During the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Derrick joined the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge, where he served under the infamous pirate Blackbeard. He took part in Jack Sparrow's mutiny and the battle at Whitecap Bay. Derrick would be killed by mermaids during the crew's mermaid hunt.


Early life[]

"Lads, I'm sailin' with Sparrow! Who'll buy a sailor a drink?"

Not much is known about Derrick's early life, but it is known that he took the life of piracy prior to the mid-18th century. Several years after the War Against Piracy, Derrick went to the pub called the Captain's Daughter, located in Londontown. It was here that Derrick, along with a number of sailors and pirates, signed on to sail under Jack Sparrow. After he was successfully recruited, Derrick proudly stated that he was sailing with Sparrow, and asked who would buy him a drink.[1]

Quest for the Fountain of Youth[]

Mutiny on the Queen Anne's Revenge[]

"Death...for certain."
"The garden of darkened souls."
"Untimely our ends will be."
"Unless...we take the ship.
―Derrick, Garheng, Ezekiel, and Jack Sparrow[src]

Climbing aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, Derrick worked as one of the ship's deckhands for the next five days, where he would work with a shanghaied Jack Sparrow. He later met with Jack and some of the other crewmen, who were not satisfied with sailing under Angelica and her zombie crew, and took part in Jack's mutiny aboard the Revenge. Jack's crew were soon victorious until Blackbeard himself came out of his cabin. Blackbeard, in response to being told that this was a mutiny, hung all of the crewmen, including Derrick, with the rigging of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Derrick and the rest of the crewmen were let down to witness the Cook's punishment.[1]

Death at Whitecap Bay[]

Cabin Boy and Derrick before the Mermaid attack.

"We're doomed."
"We're not doomed. Day we set sail, I spilled a glass of wine on deck. That's good luck.
Ezekiel and Derrick[src]

Later, when the crew arrivied at Whitecap Bay, Derrick was forced to sit in the same longboat as Scrum, Philip Swift, Gunner, Ezekiel, and the Cabin Boy. He mentions that a kiss from a mermaid could save a sailor from drowning. Like the rest aboard the boat, Derrick was forced to sing in order to attract mermaids. When the mermaids started their attack and destroyed the boat, Derrick was pushed into the deepest depths of the ocean by one of the mermaids, where he drowned and was eaten by his attackers.[1]

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