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The Destruction of Port Royal occured on a cloudless night. The destruction was probably caused by a careless soldier from the East India Trading Company throwing a torch into a giant stash of gunpowder. Overnight, though, Port Royal was rebuilt.

Account by a Witness Edit

"The crew and I was just about to set sail for a day of plunderin' when we heard the first blast. Looked like Hades it did. Plumes of smoke and fire poured from the center of town as the very dock we stood on shook from the impact. Scared out of our wits we dove for cover. I followed me mates into the drink. Then I remembered... I can't swim! Luckily, I was only in the water a second when my first mate Xavier hauled me to shore. Within moments another blast, this one followed by a chain of explosions that seemed to cut through the island. The explosions continued for what seemed like half the day. When the smoke cleared, Port Royal was nothin' more than a steamin' heap of rubble. Save for the EITC dock, the Governor's Mansion, and a few small buildings, not a single shingle was left a hangin'! Fortunately for the townsfolk, most everyone was away on Tortuga -- for a weddin' -- of all things. Rumor is, the East India Trading Company had been stockpiling massive amounts of gunpowder and other armaments for an all-out assault on us Pirates. A misplaced candle started the fire -- and the explosive chain reaction. Some say that Jolly Roger was behind it... Be it candle or undead devil, me, I let time separate the truth from rumor. In no time the Navy, as directed by the EITC, set upon rebuilding the town at a furious pace. Armies of craftsmen swarmed the island and rebuilt Port Royal almost over night! If I hadn't a seen it with me own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it - and I seen some strange things in this part of the Caribbean, I have! Regardless of who is to blame, let this be said... there is bound to be more stores of powder and ammunition on other islands. We Pirates best capture these weapons fer ourselves afore they be used on us. The explosion which leveled Port Royal not only changed the town but set into motion events that would change the Caribbean forever. Many Pirates, merchants and townsfolk were suspicious of the official explanation Lord Beckett provided and wanted a thorough investigation. As his laughter echoed across the ocean, Lord Beckett refused - which left everyone in the islands wondering what the EITC were trying so hard to hide ..."
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