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This article is about the battle during Cutler Beckett's war against piracy.
You may be looking for the battle during Armando Salazar's anti-piracy campaign.

Battle of Singapore


Skirmish off of the Black Sand Beach

Destruction of the pirate fleet
The Dutchman destroys the Pirate fleet

War Against Piracy




Caribbean Sea[2]


EITC victory. Small pirate fleet destroyed. Jones' heart brought aboard the Flying Dutchman.


EITCo flag

Crew of the Flying Dutchman (on behalf of the EITC)


8 pirate crews

Davy Jones

8 pirate captains


Flying Dutchman

8 ships



All ships sunk
All crewmen killed

"Did you give these ships opportunity to surrender?"
"We let them see us. Methinks that opportunity enough.
Weatherby Swann and Davy Jones[src]

The Destruction of the pirate fleet was a minor battle between the Flying Dutchman operating for the East India Trading Company and a small fleet of pirate ships, that convinced Lord Cutler Beckett that the Dutchman needed to be under tighter control in order for it to be used as an integrated part of his armada.

Discussion aboard the EndeavourEdit

"The Brethren know they face extinction. All that remains is for them to decide where they make their final stand."
―Beckett on the destruction of the small Brethren Court fleet[src]
Beckett making his final move

Lord Cutler Beckett aboard the HMS Endeavour.

On board the HMS Endeavour, Ian Mercer conversed with Cutler Beckett over the discovery of a Piece of eight coin. (This coin is most likely the one Sao Feng was given by Hector Barbossa.) Mercer had just returned from the Singapore and had presented it as a tidbit of information. Around the same time, James Norrington entered into the main cabin, and Beckett represented his sword to him, and proclaimed the Brethren Court on the verge of extinction.[3]

The BattleEdit

"Bloody Hell, there's nothing left."
―Cutler Beckett upon arriving at the scene of the battle.[src]
Helm flies

The Flying Dutchman attacking the pirate fleet.

Simultaneously, a small pirate fleet was on the way to Shipwreck Island in order to join the Brethren Court meeting. But then the Flying Dutchman rose out from the depths behind them. The Dutchman opened all of its gun ports, including the Chase guns, and opened fire. The pirates were surprised by this attack and before they could return fire, the Flying Dutchman sailed between them firing in all directions. The captains of the ships were powerless to fight back, and so the Dutchman obliterated all the ships in its path. Due to Jones's temperamental frustration about being under Beckett’s command, all the crewmen aboard the ships were killed.[3]


"The Dutchman sails as its captain commands."
"And its captain is to sail it as commanded! I would have thought you'd learned that when I ordered you to kill your pet. This is no longer your world, Jones. The immaterial has become...immaterial.
Davy Jones and Cutler Beckett[src]
Jones Beckett FD

Lord Cutler Beckett confronts Davy Jones on the Dutchman.

However, when Lord Cutler Beckett arrived at the site, he became angry since he wanted prisoners in order to question them about the Pirate Lords. Thus, so he ordered the transfer of the Dead Man's Chest, containing Jones' heart, from the Endeavor to the Flying Dutchman, in order to ensure Jones's good behavior. Jones was in a foul mood, as he had just shed a tear for his lost love, Calypso. But Beckett reminded Jones that he should have learned that he is no longer in control when Beckett had ordered him to kill his pet. Beckett then stationed a large group of East India Trading Company Marines aboard the Dutchman, led by the very man who stole the heart in the first place, Admiral James Norrington.[3]


"Signal the Dutchman to track down Sao Feng."
Cutler Beckett[src]

The destruction of the fleet struck fear into the pirates' hearts, and with the heart of Davy Jones on board, Beckett was much more confident in his ordering of the Dutchman. Thus, when Beckett had some trouble later with Sao Feng, he did not hesitate to call on the Dutchman to crush the opposition.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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