Devil's Anvil
Devil's Anvil
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Caribbean Sea

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Barbossa's Grotto

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Hector Barbossa
Leon Warhawk

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

"This here's a dark place. You'll need more than that cutlass if you're to get out of here with your skin."
Hector Barbossa[src]

Devil's Anvil was a small, rocky island located between Tortuga and Port Royal in the Caribbean Sea. Its shape roughly resembled that of a giant blacksmith's anvil. This island had a treasure-laiden cavern, where Captain Hector Barbossa could be found haunting the island at, known as "Barbossa's Grotto".


During the War of Jolly Roger, Captain Hector Barbossa could be found haunting the island known as Devil's Anvil, where he was known to provide information that only a dead man could know. Barbossa was known to have resided in a treasure-laiden cavern known as Barbossa's Grotto, along with his pet monkey Jack, which was full of gold. The beach was also home to Cursed Scorpions and Cursed Crabs, minions of the undead pirate Jolly Roger.


Barbossa game

Captain Barbossa in his cave.

Barbossa's GrottoEdit

A treasure-laiden cavern, this was the hideaway of Captain Hector Barbossa, who could be found haunting the island. The cave was full of gold, jewels and portraits of Governor Weatherby Swann. This grotto was the place where Barbossa gave visiting pirates their first pistol and instructs them in the use of the pistol by using his pet monkey Jack for target practice.

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