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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the soundtrack theme, "The Devil's Triangle".

"You will not address the captain, boy."
"Sir, look at your charts. I believe you are sailing us into the Devil's Triangle."
"You hear this, men? This landsman believes an old sailor's myth.
Officer Cole, Henry Turner, and Captain Toms[src]

The Devil's Triangle was a mysterious and mythical area in the Caribbean Sea. It was located west of the Windward Isles in the Lesser Antilles. According to legends, many of the ships that were unfortunate enough to enter these waters vanished without warning or explanation, leaving only a few lucky sailors to recount the monsters, storms, ghosts, and pirates responsible for their misfortunes.

During a battle with the Silent Mary, young Jack the Sparrow outwitted Captain Armando Salazar by having the ruthless Spanish pirate hunter sail his ship into the Devil's Triangle. This caused the death of Salazar's crew, who then fell under the curse of the Devil's Triangle, returning neither living nor dead as ghosts. Imprisoned in the waters of the Devil's Triangle, condemned to eternal darkness on his ghost ship, Salazar lurked in anticipation for the day when he and his crew were free to take revenge on Jack Sparrow.


Devil's Triangle Uncharted Waters

The map of the Caribbean Sea with the location of the Devil's Triangle.

"Hard to starboard! We'll sail to the edge and cross with the light! The Triangle will not hold us!"
Armando Salazar[src]

Located west of the Windward Isles in the Lesser Antilles the Triangle was mostly unexplored, and the British cartographers usually referred to the area as "Uncharted Waters". Shrouded in darkness and surrounded with gigantic reefs, the Devil's Triangle was a part of the Caribbean Sea ruled by the mysterious supernatural powers. A place where the dead live and the living die, the Triangle was avoided by every sailor worth his salt. However, the British naval officers considered the Triangle to be just an old sailor's myth.[2]

Silent Mary Black Pearl

The Silent Mary follows the Wicked Wench towards the Triangle's entrance.

When the ruthless Spanish Royal Navy Captain Armando Salazar and his crew chased Jack Sparrow's pirate ship the Wicked Wench, Sparrow outsmarted the Spaniards, causing them to enter the Triangle. Salazar's ship, the Silent Mary, was almost completely destroyed in a series of explosions, which caused the deaths of Salazar and all his men. However, the supernatural forces in the Triangle revived Salazar and his crew as cursed but powerful ghosts, granting them vast powers and abilities, though keeping them imprisoned within the Triangle for decades to come.[2]

Many years later, the British Royal Navy Captain Toms chased a Dutch barque into the Triangle, despite the warnings of his shipboy Henry Turner. Once in the Triangle, they discovered that the ship they were chasing had disappeared, after which a bloodthirsty Salazar attacked and killed the entire crew, except Turner.

Not much later, a down on his luck Jack Sparrow traded his compass away for a bottle of rum but he incurred a terrible price. Betrayal of the compass caused Armando Salazar and his crew to be set free, with the entire Triangle shattering and sinking to allow them their freedom.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"Sir, look at your charts. We are between three distant points of land with perfect symmetry to the center. It's a triangle."
"Stand down!"
"Captain, you're sailing us into the Devil's Triangle.
Henry Turner and Cole[src] (Behind-the-scenes)
  • The Triangle's backstory was explained in Jeff Nathanson's 2013 early draft of the Dead Men Tell No Tales script. The Triangle was formed by the Greek god Hades who was charged with protecting the tomb of his brother Poseidon, which was located on the islands around the Triangle. Hades enlisted the dead to patrol the Triangle, locking them in forever.[3]
  • In the modern-day world the name "Devil's Triangle" is another name for the Bermuda Triangle. However, Captain Toms' navigational charts in Dead Men Tell No Tales show the two Triangles are not the same location. Javier Bardem also confirmed that "Hundreds of years before the Bermuda Triangle there was another Triangle in the sea."[4]


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