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The Disney Gallery is an art gallery located above Pirates of the Caribbean at New Orleans Square in Disneyland. It opened on July 11, 1987 and is scheduled to close on July 31, 2007.


The area was originally intended to be the Royal Suite, an area for entertaining. The idea was abandoned. The area was given to Insurance Company of America as a hospitality area, followed by a stint as an office for Disneyland International.

Finally, the area was turned into an art gallery in order to shorten the line for Pirates of the Caribbean. The gallery displayed various pieces of art produced by Walt Disney Imagineering. It also provided a service that allowed people to buy reproductions of the art.

In 2003, there was an exhibition based on Pirates of the Caribbean called "A Pirate's Life for Me." Items displayed included concept art by Marc Davis, manquettes by Blaine Gibson, and props from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Among the props were Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow's costumes, a piece of Aztec gold, and Jack Sparrow's compass.

On July 2006, a room called "Setting Sail For New Adventures" was created to showcase art related to Pirates of the Caribbean. Along with previously displayed concept art from the ride, there was also props from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Among the props were costumes and Jack's throne from the cannibal village.


With the Disney Gallery closing at the end of July, people are speculating what will take it's place. One theory is that it will be taken over by Club 33, a "secret" attraction at Disneyland. Others believe that the gallery will be moved to the current location of the Main Street Opera House.

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