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Disney Infinity, also stylized as Disney INFINITY, is a video game released on August 18, 2013 published by Disney Interactive. The world of Pirates of the Caribbean was available upon its release date.[1]

Plot Edit

The story revolves around Captain Jack Sparrow, who has to stop Davy Jones. Along the way, you complete missions of several NPCs like Joshamee Gibbs, Tia Dalma, and Pintel and Ragetti. Jack has to collect all the pieces of the "Kraken's Bane" in order to defeat the Kraken and Davy Jones.


Playable CharactersEdit

Missions Edit

  • Dock and Cover
  • We Know Where Gibbs Be!
  • Rescue Master Gibbs
  • A Captain Needs a Ship!
  • Blast Ye Out O' The Cove
  • What's Our Heading?
  • Find Tia Dalma
  • Help Me An' I Help You
  • De First Piece O' De Bane
  • Dere Are More Pieces!
  • Demon's Cape sounds Invitin'
  • De Next Piece Awaits Ye
  • Who Needs Voodoo? You Do!
  • Keep the Sea Witch Safe
  • On the Ship O' the Dead
  • Bane From Beneath
  • Back to Me Ship!
  • It's At Fort St. Grande!
  • Goin' In Under Cover
  • We Be in the Navy Now!
  • Defend the Fort!
  • 2nd Piece o' the Kraken's Bane
  • Off to Dead Man's Cove!
  • Blasting is the Only Way!
  • Knock Real Hard. Savvy?
  • Up to the Ruins
  • Fightin' the Fish Faces
  • Bombs and Booby Traps
  • Schools of Fish to Fight
  • Another Piece Be Here
  • To Buccaneer Bay Wit' You
  • Last Piece, Matey
  • All Together!
  • Back To Your Locker, Jones!





Organizations and groupsEdit


Toy Box Takeover Edit

Toy Box Takeover, originally known as "Villain Takeover", is a Toy Box Expansion Game in Disney Infinity 3.0. It is an exploration type game, similar to Escape from the Kyln and Brave Forest Siege. Any playable character except those from Cars can play the game.[1] It is sold separately[2] from the Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter pack, and is priced around $19.99 U.S.[3] Most major retailers offered this for free when you pre-ordered the Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack. The game's release date was October 13, 2015.[4]

Story Edit

The storyline of this game is that Syndrome from Pixar's The Incredibles has stolen Merlin's Magic Wand and has used it to create several new worlds, all based on DisneyPixarMarvel, and Star Wars worlds, and has added villains to them.[5] The player must make their way out of each level, continually moving in order to avoid The Void (also known as the Hero Destroyer), a destructive force that continually follows the player, obliterating everything in its path, enemies included. To help, the player has their sidekick, as well as Merlin to assist them by telling them important information.

The game includes many special collectibles that players can collect to unlock new Toys.

It has been estimated to last around three hours to complete.[6]

Pirates Of The Caribbean World Edit

a POTC themed world is available,with the boss being Davy Jones and the enemies being his goons.


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