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A donkey in John Brown's smithy.

"There is no donkey!"
"Then how do you breed them?
Carina Smyth and Cremble, the latter believing Smyth, being an astronomer, to breed donkeys.[src]

A donkey was a domestic animal, Equus asinus, similar to a horse. John Brown kept a donkey in his blacksmith shop, who would become attached to Will Turner.


In the 1720s, a donkey was kept in blacksmith John Brown's smithy in Port Royal. Brown's apprentice, Will Turner, became particularly attached to the creature, always stroking its neck as he arrived at work. In 1728, the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow escaped from the British Royal Navy forces stationed in Port Royal and hid in the smithy, but needed a way to break the chains keeping his hands together. Noticing the donkey being attached to machinery above him, Sparrow used a metal crowbar dipped in hot water to burn the donkey's back, causing it to move forward along with the machinery, allowing him to jam his chains into the machine and destroy them.[1]

Moments afterwards, Will arrived, and calmed down the donkey who was still running around the smithy. After Turner discovered Sparrow and a sword fight ensued, the donkey fled upon witnessing Will pull out a hot cutlass.[1]

A year later, the East India Trading Company, lead by Lord Cutler Beckett, arrived in Port Royal to arrest Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and James Norrington for assisting in the escape of Jack Sparrow. A company officer and his men broke down the door of the smithy and passed the donkey as they arrested Turner.[2]

By 1729, the smuggler Montanari owned a donkey.[3]

In 1751, the astronomer Carina Smyth and British Royal Navy sailor Henry Turner found themselves prisoners aboard the Dying Gull to several pirates. When Smyth mentioned that she was an astronomer, one pirate, Scrum, assumed that she bred donkeys. When she correctly stated that this was untrue and that an astronomer contemplated the stars, Scrum replied that this was done on a donkey, and the pirate Cremble asked how she would breed donkeys if there were none.[4]

Later on, when the pirates seemed to be getting nowhere, Scrum blamed it on Carina for "forgetting the donkey".[4]

When the pirates were arrested by Lieutenant John Scarfield and his British crew aboard the Essex, they were kept in a cell standing next to which was a donkey. The donkey was then killed when Armando Salazar's ship the Silent Mary crushed the Essex, blowing it up into smithereens and sending its remains to the depths of the sea.[4]

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