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Douwesen was a small island located in the Caribbean Sea in the South Archipelago. Douwesen island is a small piece of land shaped lengthwise.


People say that Dowesen was put up in the year 1576. Douwesen has been known to have fought many battles. The Dutch governor is said to have a good personality, although too good he cannot take much responsibilities like repairing the fort.

The Douwesen colony has a Loanshark's Office owned by Klaas Ramalas, a store, a shipyard, a Governor's Residence, and a church. Its city is not quite large. A door on one of the city's buildings leads underground to a vast network of tunnels infested with cursed pirate skeletons.

Douwesen's jungle appears to be quite large and one can get lost in it. Somewhere in the jungle there is a pirate fort. The Douwesen Pirate Fort has nothing but several houses and a tavern.

In 1630, several local children were abducted by animists and pirates at night, who also killed two soldiers. These children were found and rescued by Captain Nathaniel Hawk.


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