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The drawing of the key to the Dead Man's Chest.

"It's a key."
"No. Much more better...It is a
drawing of a key."
Marty and Jack Sparrow[src]

This piece of cloth had a drawing of the key to the Dead Man's Chest. It was most notably used during Jack Sparrow's search for the chest.



The origins regarding this drawing are unknown. It is known, however, that it was made at some point after Davy Jones placed his heart into the Dead Man's Chest. The drawing would at some point be placed at the Turkish Prison, where it would later be acquired by a man who wanted to find the chest, Captain Jack Sparrow.[1]

Jack Sparrow holding the drawing of the key.

Search for the Dead Man's Chest[]

"Is that what you went in to find?"
"Aye, but I haven't had time to properly assess the prize.
Leech and Jack Sparrow[src]

After stealing the drawing, Jack Sparrow escaped the Turkish Prison and arrived aboard the Black Pearl, where he would show it to his crew. He would keep the drawing with him at all times, most notably while the Pearl was stranded at Isla de Pelegostos. After escaping the Pelegostos tribe, Jack convinced Will Turner to help him find the key in order to save Elizabeth Swann, who was was locked in a prison. When seeking help from Tia Dalma, Will showed her the drawing in order for her to know exactly which key they're looking for. Will continued to hold the drawing when he was shanghaied aboard Davy Jones' ship, the Flying Dutchman.[1]

When Will challenged Jones to a game of Liar's Dice, he said if he won, Jones would have to give him the key, if not, Will would serve an eternity aboard the Dutchman. Jones, Will and Bootstrap Bill Turner played until Bootstrap Bill purposely lost. Will then went to the captain's cabin to steal the key from Jones himself. Will used two feathers to get the key out of Jones' facial tentacles. He then replaced the key with the drawing. Jones later discovered that the key was gone, and that Will stole it. He held the drawing shortly before sending the Kraken to destroy the Edinburgh Trader.[1] The further fate of the drawing is unknown.

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