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"So tell me, what's become of my ship?"
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Dying Gull
Dying Gull
Career information
Port of registry

Saint Martin port[1]


Jack Sparrow[1]


Jack Sparrow[1]
Joshamee Gibbs[1]

Notable crewmembers

Crew of the Dying Gull[1]


Henry Turner (prisoner)[1]
Carina Smyth (prisoner)[1]



Technical information



1 swivel gun[1]


Crew of the Dying Gull[1]

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Latest appearance

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Rainbow Gypsy

"She floats!"

The Dying Gull was a sloop that sailed in the Caribbean during the 1750s.


"You said you needed a ship."
"You call this a ship?
Henry Turner and Carina Smyth[src]

At some unspecified point likely before 1751, the Dying Gull was built, but was soon left beached at the Saint Martin Shipyard. Famed Captain Jack Sparrow and his motley crew of pirates would soon come into ownership of the small sloop. Despite the fact that the vessel was stranded on land, they used it as a base-of-operations for the crew. It was here that they brought the vault from the bank of the town in Saint Martin after stealing it, nearly along with the entire bank. However, after discovering that all of the gold had subsequently fallen out of the vault during the chase that had ensued after it was stolen, Jack's crew left him, stating that he had lost his luck, his ship, and now his crew. Before they had left, Jack had stated that he had a ship, only for Cremble to argue that the Gull was hardly a ship. Jack replied that his beloved Black Pearl had never left his side, holding up the bottle in which the ship was trapped. After losing his crew, Jack remained aboard the Gull looking at the Pearl, but soon left and headed into town.[1]

Dying Gull 2

The Gull at the shipyard.

After Henry Turner had paid the crew several silver pieces to help him rescue Jack and the supposed witch Carina Smyth from the gallows, the group returned to the Gull, with Turner and Smyth as prisoners. The Dying Gull would be used by Jack during the Quest for the Trident of Poseidon. As the crew were doubtful of the Gull being capable of floating, Jack took it out to sea nevertheless, and, much to the surprise and joy of the crew, it was able to float. It was on this vessel that Jack threatened to throw Henry overboard if Carina did not reveal the location of the map to the Trident of Poseidon. However, when he did throw Henry overboard, there had actually been a longboat attached to the ship, which protected Henry from drowning.[1]

Dying Gull floats

The Gull floats.

However, as they were nearing Hangman's Bay, the crew learned that the undead were coming after them, or, rather, Jack. They immediately turned on Jack, and sent him, Carina and Henry out on a longboat. With Joshamee Gibbs now elected as captain, the ship sailed out to open seas, but was soon spotted by John Scarfield and his crew of the British Royal Navy ship, the Essex. Noticing the ship and wanting to avoid punishment, Gibbs relinquished captaincy of the Gull to Scrum before the ship was apprehended by the Navy, who captured its crew.[1] The ship's further fate is unknown.

Design and appearanceEdit

A single-masted sloop class vessel, the Dying Gull was old but still sturdy enough to stay afloat. She was propelled by five sails, one spanker, one topsail, and three fore stay sails. She had eight gunports but no cannons on deck. However, she was armed with one swivel gun.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Dying Gull was portrayed by the Rainbow Gypsy in Dead Men Tell No Tales. In some scenes, a replica of the ship was used.[2]
  • The idea of Jack Sparrow having a replacement ship for the Black Pearl until it was restored to her original state dates back from Terry Rossio's original script for Dead Men Tell No Tales, whereas Jack and Scrum had owned a ship known as the Cuttlefish.[3]
  • In early concept work of Jeremy Love, the Dying Gull was bigger than in the finished version of the film, also having a bigger black sail.[4]


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