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"She's almost upon us -- a fine, fat merchant ship!"
Jack Sparrow[src]

The Earl King was an British merchant vessel under the command of Captain McGlue.

The hull of the two-masted ship was painted in blue and gold, matching its captain's uniform, and the vessel was armed with several cannons. McGlue's crew was a rag-tag bunch of sailors who appeared to be inexperienced in combat, as they were easily overwhelmed by Jack Sparrow and his crew.


"Gentlemen, I am Captain McGlue. Welcome aboard the Earl King. I dare say I have never seen such an odd pair of ship's officers in the Queen's service."
McGlue to Jack Sparrow and William Turner Jr.[src]

McGlue thrown overboard.

The ship was sighted by Captain Jack Sparrow, onboard the commandeered HMS Interceptor with his crew, including Will Turner, during their journey to Isla de Muerta. Jack decided to infiltrate the Earl King with Will, disguised as Royal Navy officers, and loot the vessel. However, McGlue outwitted Jack and a fight commenced on the deck of the Earl King. Jack's mates, led by Joshamee Gibbs and Anamaria, boarded and helped overpower the crew. Jack himself tangled McGlue in the rigging, hoisting him into the air before cutting him down over the ocean.

The pirates stowed everything worth stealing from the Earl King aboard the Interceptor, and departed for Isla de Muerta. McGlue was left floundering in the water, his ship left adrift.


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