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Edgar Attwood was a gunner who worked for Nathaniel Hawk in 1630 aboard the Victory.


Edgar was a muscular man, and because of this, he intimidated many he came across. At one point, he was a gunner in the British Royal Navy, but deserted to join a pirate crew where he offered his skills. The pirates were captured by Edgar's former captain, and the pirates (including Edgar) were sent to Redmond to be hanged. The local prison thug had taken a liking to Edgar, and offered to bargain his freedom if he became his assistant. The magistrate agreed to the terms, and Edgar was set free.

For several years, Edgar worked in the prison, until his employer suddenly died. Edgar inherited the responsibility of prison warden which he carried on as usual. When Nathaniel Hawk was arrested under false charges, Edgar was bribed by him to set him free, on terms that he served Nathaniel as his gunner. They were both caught by Governor Robert Christopher Silehard, but he forgave Nathaniel, but threatened to hang Edgar for corruption. Nathaniel talked him out of it, and Edgar joined the crew of the Victory.