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Elizabeth Swann wearing the red dress.

"You'll be dining with the captain. And he requests you wear this."
Pintel to Elizabeth Swann[src]

This dress was an attire most notably owned by Hector Barbossa. It was worn by Elizabeth Swann during her captivity aboard the Black Pearl.


Early use[]

Elizabeth Swann wearing the red dress.

"Ooh, it's still warm."
Hector Barbossa[src]

It is unknown when this dress was made, as well as who made it. But it is known that the dress would at some point end up aboard the Black Pearl during Hector Barbossa's time as captain, with the fate of its previous owner shrouded in mystery.[1]

During Elizabeth Swann's captivity aboard the Black Pearl, Pintel and Ragetti approached her, telling her to wear a dress by orders of Captain Hector Barbossa. At first she refused, but the two informed her that she would either dine with him and wear it, or eat with the crew, naked. Elizabeth snatched the dress out of his hands and put the dress on. Elizabeth would wear the dress through the rest of the voyage aboard the Pearl. She wore the dress during the blood ritual at Isla de Muerta, when they cut her hand and tried to lift the Aztec curse, thinking that she was the offspring of Bootstrap Bill Turner. Elizabeth still wore the dress as she was rescued by Will Turner and joined him aboard the Interceptor, as well as the battle that followed.[2]

When Elizabeth was recaptured and sentenced to walk the plank, Barbossa had her remove the dress, leaving her only in her undergarments. Barbossa tossed the dress to his crew, who then used it for their own means. The ultimate fate of this dress is unknown, as Jack Sparrow, a year after these events, stated that he had no dress in his cabin.[2]


The dress

The dress was red and black, with black lace, and had sleeves that poofed out to her mid-forearm with white lace at the ends. It had golden buttons on the top part. The dress was ankle length and relatively simple in design.

Behind the scenes[]

"Maid or not, it suits you."
"Dare I ask the fate of its previous owner?"
"Now, none of that.
Hector Barbossa and Elizabeth Swann[src] (deleted scene)


Notes and references[]

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