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These twins were a pair of female Chinese pirates serving as personal servants to the Pirate Lord, Sao Feng. They dressed Elizabeth Swann in the oriental robes aboard the Empress, and were presumably captured by the crew of the Flying Dutchman following Feng's death. It is unknown what happened to them, as they are not seen escaping from the Dutchman.

Biography Edit

These two twin slaves were stationed aboard the Empress under Sao Feng, and were likely replacements for Lian and Park. They were ordered to dress Feng's captive, Elizabeth Swann, in robes. Swann was believed to be the Goddess Calypso, bound in human form, but this was later proven to be false. They were soon dismissed by their master.

When the Crew of the Flying Dutchman attacked the ship, the twins were likely either killed or spared and taken prisoner, but neither of them are seen again, so their fate remains unknown.


Crew of the Empress
Captain: Sao Feng
Empress twinsTai Huang
Captain: Elizabeth Swann
Empress twinsTai Huang
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