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"Sir, what do you command?"
"It's just...good business."
"Abandon ship!
―The officer, Cutler Beckett and Theodore Groves[src]

This man was an officer aboard the HMS Endeavour when the ship operated under Lord Cutler Beckett's command.


Not much is known about this man's early life. At some unspecified point of his life, this man decided to join the East India Trading Company and eventually became an officer aboard the HMS Endeavour of the East India Trading Company Armada, under the command of Lord Cutler Beckett. He was present in the ship's cabin when Admiral Norrington gained his ceremonial sword and later when a dead body was found adrift at sea atop a barrel.[1]

Shortly after the battle of Calypso's maelstrom, the HMS Endeavour had fallen under bombardment by both the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl. This unnamed officer ran up the starboard side stair to the quarterdeck with another officer, asking Lord Cutler Beckett for his orders. Due to Beckett's paralysis from the shock of defeat, Lieutenant Theodore Groves gave the order to abandon ship. This officer also gave order to abandon ship as Groves jumped off of the vessel. He and his shipmate repeated the order to the remainder of the Endeavour's crew. He was last seen running on the main deck in front of Cutler Beckett's cabin, trying to escape from the carnage.[1] His further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Endeavour Officer was played by Matthew Wolf in At World's End.
  • In the credits, the ship's name was mispelled as "Endeavor" instead of "Endeavour".


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