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Eric Whitacre (born January 2, 1970 in Reno, Nevada) is an American Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor. He is one of the most popular and performed composers of his generation. A versatile musician, Eric Whitacre worked with composer Hans Zimmer, co-writing the Mermaid theme for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, On Stranger Tides.


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Around January 25, 2011[1], Eric Whitacre began working with legendary film composer Hans Zimmer on the music for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Whitacre co-composed the "Mermaid Theme" with Zimmer as well as conducting some of the choral sessions at Abbey Road Studios.[2] His wife, Hila Plitmann, sang the solo material in the theme, having also invented the language the mermaids were singing in the film, a combination of Latin, Hebrew, and as she says, 'Elvish.' Geek. Whitacre enjoyed working with Zimmer, saying that he was a brilliant composer and a generous collaborator.[3]

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