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"Before we release you, we require collateral."
"Sorry, Scaly Tails, got nothing on me but this old sword, my boots, and old Stone-Eyed Sam's stone eye.
―The three "Blue-tails" and Jack Sparrow[src]

The eye of Stone-Eyed Sam was, as the pirate's nickname suggested, a stone eye used as a replacement for Sam's own. Further, it was a powerful magical artifact that served as a miniature prison, trapping as it did the spirits of the Aztec Emperor Montecuhzoma and his subjects.


"Retrieve for me the eye of the man who last wielded this sword. I want the stone eye that belonged to the pirate Stone-Eyed Sam."
Hernán Cortés to Jack Sparrow[src]

Captain Jack Sparrow stole the eye from Sam's body following his death on Isla Esquelética.[1] Believing it to be little more than a trinket, Jack gave it up to the mermaids of Isla Sirena during his brief stay there,[2] though was later informed of its true power by Tia Dalma, who explained it was the only thing preventing the recently-awoken spirit of Hernán Cortés from reclaiming his former power through the Sword of Cortés. Jack negotiated the eye back from the merfolk.[3]

With the eye in his possession, along with two mystical beads that served as activators for the prison, Jack confronted Cortés' spirit on Isla Fortuna. He braided the beads into his hair, the contact serving to unlock the eye and release Montecuhzoma's ghost, which defeated Cortés and resurrected Jack's deceased friend Tumen before departing.[3]


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