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"Mr. Beckett, sir, First Mate Jack Sparrow and Second Mate Robert Greene to see you, sir. They are crew aboard Fair Wind, which has just docked."
Chalmers to Cutler Beckett[src]

The Fair Wind was a merchant vessel of the East India Trading Company. She was captained by Nathaniel Bainbridge. When he was killed by pirates, his First Mate, Jack Sparrow, took command of the ship.


"This rum is half gone. WHY is the rum gone?"
Jack Sparrow to the crew of the Fair Wind[src]

The Fair Wind was a brig owned by the EITC. She usually sailed on a triangular route from Calabar in Africa, to Port Royal on Jamaica, to finish it by making port in London, England, from where she sailed back to her home port in Calabar.

During one voyage, First Mate Jack Sparrow discovered that the crew had drank some of the rum that was the ship's cargo. By making the sailors walk on the gunwhale to test their sobriety, the culprits were eventually found. Anderson, Barton, Farmer, Nelson were deprived of their rum ration for the rest of voyage, forced to pay for the damaged cask the rum was in, and a fine.

On one of her voyages, the Fair Wind was attacked somewhere in the Atlantic by the Venganza, a pirate frigate captained by Esmeralda, the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean. Captain Bainbridge, who was drunk, was killed during the battle by Esmeralda. But Jack Sparrow, the first mate of the Fair Wind, who knew Esmeralda from his earlier adventures, managed to persuade her to take only one third of the ship's cargo of rum.

After the battle, Sparrow took command of the ship and sailed her to London, where he unloaded the cargo and gave his report to the officials at the London EITC Office. After that, the brig was loaded with a cargo of muskets and pistols, and she sailed back to her home port in Africa. After their arrival in Calabar, Sparrow and his Second Mate Robert Greene visited the local Director of West African Affairs for the EITC, Cutler Beckett. They gave him the report of their voyage and explained in details how Jack saved the most of the rum. Beckett was so impressed that he offered Sparrow to take command of the Marlin, a slave ship of the Company, as captain. When Sparrow refused, Beckett decided to give him command of the Wicked Wench, an old ship which he acquired some time earlier.



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