"Why don't I stay here with the ship? I can keep an eye on things. While you're gone. Trust me, I'll take good care of the Pearl."
"Nonsense. I need your keen eye and sound judgment in choosing a crew, Barbossa. A noble offer, but I insist you accompany me to the
Faithful Bride."
Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow[src]

The Faithful Bride[1][2] was a tavern on the island of Tortuga in the 18th century.


"I reckon we have enough old salts here to crew every ship in Port Royal."
Arabella Smith's thoughts on the Faithful Bride's patrons[src]

Prior to the quest for the Sword of Cortés, Arabella worked as a barmaid in the Faithful Bride, owned at the time by her father. Jack Sparrow started a brawl in the tavern, leading to Arabella joining his misfit crew.[3]

Some time later, an adult Sparrow returned to the tavern with Hector Barbossa and Billy Turner in tow so as to find some new crew members for his ship, the Black Pearl. He recruited a drunkard called Catastrophe Shane and was about to sign on another pirate named Henry when the Pirate Lord Villanueva arrived and forced Henry and several of the other men in the tavern into joining his crew aboard the Centurion.

Many years afterwards, Sparrow brought Will Turner to the tavern while he met with Joshamee Gibbs to procure a crew for the journey to Isla de Muerta.[4]

James Norrington threatening Joshamee Gibbs in the Faithful Bride.

Around a year later, Sparrow and the crew of the Black Pearl returned, attempting to recruit sailors as souls to pay off Davy Jones, and settle Sparrow's debt. The four men who signed up were blighted with all manner of ailments and would hardly have made worthy crew members under normal circumstances.[5]At that time, Carver was the bartender. The arrival of James Norrington, who threatened Jack with a pistol, caused a full-scale bar brawl, ending with Norrington being ejected from the tavern and thrown in with the pigs. A pirate band was known to play in the tavern, and continued their jigs even during the fight.[5]

At some point before the War Against Piracy, the former Gunner of the legendary pirate ship Nemesis became a regular visitor in the tavern, often telling the stories of the time he served under captain James Sterling to other visitors of the tavern.[6]

At some point after the War Against Piracy, Arabella returned to Tortuga and took over operations of the tavern. [6]

Physical appearance

A bar fight inside the Faithful Bride

The Faithful Bride appeared, from the outside, to be little more than an oversized shack, and was constructed from the timbers of wrecked boats. It was said that the tavern smelled of tar, salt, seaweed and fish. The roof was noticably too weak to keep rain from dripping inside the tavern.[3] The sign above the door was a politically-incorrect painting of a smiling bride holding a bouquet in her manacled hands.[1]

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