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"Did I not order you to walk said gunwale, Mr. Farmer?"
"Aye, shur!
Jack Sparrow and Farmer[src]

Farmer was a sailor in the employment of the East India Trading Company. He sailed aboard the brig Fair Wind, serving under Captain Nathaniel Bainbridge. During one of the ship's journeys from Port Royal, Jamaica to London, England, he and his three shipmates stole and drunk part of the cargo of rum.

First Mate Jack Sparrow found out that Farmer and the three others drank the rum by ordering them to walk on the gunwale, with a rope tied to their waist, to test their sobriety. Farmer attempted to do as ordered, but because he was drunk, he stumbled and fell into the water.

Farmer, Barton and Anderson were penalized by having their rum rations confiscated and paying a fine, plus an additional fee, for drinking the rum.


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