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"I need you to serve as the swift sword of God, acting out His vengeance. But I understand that you are a man of business, so I offer you 15000 gold pieces for your service to the Church."
―Father Bernard to Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Father Bernard was the head priest at the church in Redmond colony, a thriving English settlement in the South Caribbean Archipelago in the 1630s. He was assisted by the captain and agent Nathaniel Hawk several times.


At some point prior to 1630, Father Bernard came to serve as the head of Redmond's church, with Father Gareth as his assistant.

During the 1630s, captain Nathaniel Hawk offered to help him solve the scandal of the Greenford priest Father Jerald, who allegedly wrote love letters to the nearby tavern's barmaid Nadine Jansen. Nathaniel proved that Father Jerald was innocent, and that the letters were forged by Yedam Kinne by the request of Father Jerald's assistant, Gilbert Ballester. After this, Nathaniel also helped him solve the kidnapping crisis in Douwesen, where several children and a ranking Spanish priest, Padre Domingues, were taken hostage by a cult of animists.