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"You're telling me that you're innocent of betraying your vows as a priest? And you don't know who would set such rumors in motion?"
"Good heavens, no! I have no idea of who would want to smear me like that. Ask anyone in town. Ask my assistant! They'll all tell you I've done nothing wrong.
―Father Jerald Nathaniel Hawk[src]

Father Jerald was the head priest at the church in Greenford, a settlement on Oxbay island in the South Caribbean Archipelago in the 1630s.


Father Jerald was once accused of writing love letters to Greenford tavern's barmaid, Nadine Jansen. The news of the alleged affair reached Father Bernard of Redmond through Father Jerald's assistant Gilbert Ballester. The English captain Nathaniel Hawk offered to investigate the case.

After talking to the tavern keeper Simon Hanpool, Nadine Jansen, and Greenford resident Yedam Kinne, Nathaniel discovered that it was a ploy by Ballester to discredit Father Jerald so that he could usurp his position as parish priest. Ballester urged Yedam Kinne to forge the letters and Nadine to lie about the affair. Subsequently, Father Jerald's reputation was cleared.