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Call of the Kraken

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Call of the Kraken


"The Dutchman's set sail to the South in search of the Pirate Lord of the Atlantic. She will be the first of the ones I use to help bind Calypso. I dare not trust the accord of a pirate, so I shall make my own accord: In exchange for the pirate's help, she can keep her miserable life."
―Davy Jones[src]

This woman was the first Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean during the first meeting of the Pirate Lords from the Four Corners of the Earth. She, along with the Brethren, and with the help of Davy Jones, bound the sea goddess Calypso in her human form, presumably at Shipwreck Cove.


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Members of the Brethren Court

First Court
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First Pirate King
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First Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean
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