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Flag of England

The flag of England

The Flag of England, also known as Saint George's Cross, was the national flag of England. The red cross appeared as an emblem of England during the Middle Ages and the Crusades (although originally a white cross on red background) and was one of the earliest known emblems representing England. It achieved status as the national flag of England during the sixteenth century.



The flags of England on the coat of arms of the East India Trading Company.

Saint George's Cross was part of the commissioning pennants used by the British Royal Navy warships like the HMS Dauntless[1] and the HMS Endeavour.[2] One version of the coat of arms of the East India Trading Company showed two mythical sea beasts holding the flags of England.[2] Another version showed the EITC logo with two flags of England in the background.[3] During the Quest for the Trident of Poseidon one warship of the British Royal Navy, the Essex, had all of its sails decorated with Saint George's Cross.[4]

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