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"Smith. Or Smithy, if you like."
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"Good day."
Will Turner to the footman.[src]

This individual served as a footman in Weatherby Swann's mansion in the town of Port Royal.


This man found employement in Governow Swann's mansion during the 1720s. He passed through the foyer with a silver tray when Will Turner was waiting to present a sword to the Governor for James Norrington's promotion ceremony, unaware that Turner had detached a candle-holder from the wall by mistake a few seconds previously. After hiding the item in an umbrella stand, Will nodded to the footman as he passed.[1]

That night, the town was attacked by the cursed crew of the Black Pearl, who were seeking the last of 882 pieces of Aztec gold to relieve their curse. The coin in question was around the neck of the governor's beautiful daughter, Elizabeth, so the mansion was besieged and looted by the pirates. As Elizabeth fled downstairs from two pirates, the footman passed through the foyer with another pirate chasing after him.[1] His final fate is unknown.

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