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"She is locked up, in a prison, bound to hang for helping you."
"There comes a time when one must take responsibility for one's mistakes.
Will Turner and Jack Sparrow[src]

Fort Charles prison was the jail located in Fort Charles in Port Royal. It was commonly used to hold captured pirates prior to their execution.


The Prison Dog and Jack Sparrow in the prison.

The doors of the prison cells were built on half-pin barrel hinges, and were easily taken apart with a little leverage. William Turner helped build the cells, and was able to lever the hinges apart to free Captain Jack Sparrow.[1] One year later, Jack would remember this trick and use it to escape the Flying Dutchman brig.[2]

The surviving members of the cursed crew, notably Pintel and Ragetti,[3] were later incarcerated here to await execution following the death of Hector Barbossa. Many were able to escape, while Jack Sparrow later freed Scurvy Joe while trying to locate a buried treasure cache.[4]

Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann in the prison.

When Lord Cutler Beckett assumed control of Port Royal, he had William Turner and Elizabeth Swann incarcerated, but later offered both their freedom in exchange for services to the East India Trading Company. Shortly after Elizabeth Swann's escape from Port Royal, Beckett's men captured a notorious French pirate, Capitaine Chevalle. For his crimes, Chevalle was set in stockades in the middle of Fort Charles. However, before Chevalle's hanging could commence, Jack Sparrow snuck into Port Royal to set him free. Sparrow sabotaged the hangman's rope, and then used a series of explosions to cover his and Chevalle's escape from the fort.

After gaining control over the Flying Dutchman, Beckett began his drive to purge piracy from the Seven Seas. Beckett had countless numbers of pirates and pirate allies imprisoned and executed at Fort Charles.[2] It is unknown what happened to the prison after the end of the War Against Piracy.

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