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Now this is purly speculation, and maby I'm reading in to this way to much, but if anyone knows mythology then they should know there is somthing wrong about how powerful Calypso is in At World's End but thats to be expected for hollywood...Or is it? When Sao Feng is talking to Elizabeth, beleiving her to be calypso, after he calls her calypso the first time heanswers hear look of confusion by saying, and I quote: "Not a name you fancy, I would imagine, out of the many you have. But it is what we call you." Now many online sources mistakenly call the PotC Calypso a pirate goddess, but perhaps the Pirates did not bind the Calypso you read about in the Oddysey, but rather a personifying spirit/goddess of the feminin aspects of the sea (nuturing and wrathful, no offense ladies). Such as when Tia dalma is telling Davy Jones' story and when she starts talking about his love, Mr. Gibbs said that he thought jones' lovewas the sea, Dalma said, "same story different version and all are true, it was a woman as harsh and untamable as sea...". Perhaps the pirates(and the writers) chose the name Calypso to describe this being because in the Oddysey it was she who rescued the dying Oddyseus and the pirates wish for the same from her. Captain McSilver 03:33, 1 October 2008 (UTC)