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According to the Pirates of the Caribbean Timeline, Barbossa mutinied against Jack 10 years before Curse of the Black Pearl. It also states that Jack received his compass 7 years before CBP. However, the article on Jack's compass says that he used it to find Isla de Muerta. But if that is true, then he either would have received it three years earlier or the mutiny occured three years later (which, according to the films, is untrue.)Could some clarify this for my?

Jack used the Compass to find Isla de Muerta (or, to be more concrete, the Black Pearl anchoring there) in CBP. 10 years before, neither he nor Barbossa had the compass, Jack navigated according to information he recieved somewhere. You don't need the compass to find the island. El Chupacabra 10:50, 2 July 2008 (UTC)