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I actually got to go to the premiere of the third film in California, it being that I live there, and have before related my tale. Here goes:

It was a great day for me being able to attend the premiere, because never before, apart from Revenge of the Sith did I ever get to go to a big screening. I was overjoyed with this, then, and even got to dress up in my finest clothes for the occasion (a thick beige coat, argyle vest, and, being a freak with odd taste in clothes, a red bow-tie); pretty befitting of such a great day in my book. It was at five in the morning, and me and me friends, having gone to sleep late and arisen early, unfortunately got there twenty minutes late, walking in squarely during the Singapore battle. It was then that my lack of sleep didn't matter in the slightest, because I got there and felt as wide awake as if someone had given me a two-litre of caffeine in an IV stand. One of my friends was almost a big a fan, but not nearly as fanatical an enthusiast of the series as me, and of all people, I'd've expected him to be much more alert. Me, I hung on the edge of my seat, despite missing the beginning, and listened with great interest to every word, laughing as gleefully at the jokes, being as moved by the sentiment, and wowed as much as the other fans. When it was over, my friends made their way to go home, but I rushed them both over hurriedly to the displays of the movie props, making sure to miss nothing, and sadly forgetting my camera at home. When I had my fill of the displays (I didn't miss anything) and left, (passing the enthusiasts outside the theatre singing their sea shanties), I made my way to go home. It was all something to behold.

―I relate my tale.

I'm not so sure you cared to actually hear my tale but if you did stick around to read it and not pass it by, thanks.

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